Charity No. 221959

Established with the help of community nurses in 1974, the charity has three aims:

● To provide financial support to people who are experiencing difficulties as a consequence of illness or disability. For example, a grant may be made for the provision of equipment, minor adaptations or repairs or to assist with the cost of therapy or care.

● In cases of need, to provide financial assistance to community nurses, including retired nurses and those currently working in Gloucestershire.

● To support nursing services in the community by the provision of, for example, equipment/aids, educational/training grants and part funding of specialist nursing posts.

Referrals are invited from all those involved in the care of vulnerable people in the community including health and social care professionals, private and voluntary agencies. The committee meets four times a year (in January, April, July and October) to consider grant applications. More urgent referrals will be considered as necessary.

For information or to request a referral form* please contact



Notes to Applicants.

1. An application for financial aid must be made by a health or social care worker who is working with the client. A consent form*** signed by the client (or parent/guardian in the case of a child) must be submitted with the completed application. The Data Information sheet should be printed and given to the client for his/her records.

2. An application for a training grant** should include a supporting statement from the applicant's manager, and make clear how the proposed study/training course supports the organisation's objectives. A signed consent form must be submitted.

* The application form can also be downloaded from
HERE (pdf) and HERE (doc)

** The Training Grants application form is available
HERE (pdf) and HERE (doc)

*** For all applications a signed GDPR consent form and information sheet (available
HERE (pdf) and HERE (doc)) must be included.

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